Technologies & Models of StercheleGROUP Bathroom Pods

Tecnologie e Modelli
Lightweight or Monolithic for different laying specs


StercheleGroup® offers two models of Bathroom Pods: monolithic concrete pods (CBM) and lightweight steel framed pods (CBL), matching the most appropriate technology to the characteristics of the project.

Layout, finishes, furnishings and installations of each Bathroom Pod is realized according to the specifications of the project, the needs of the site and the customer requirements (without limitations or constraints in the choice of materials and finishes available on the market).

For industrial buildings StercheleGroup® proposes a catalogue with a series of Standard Bathroom Pods. For this destination, in fact, there is no need to develop a new project (neither the sample), so saving time and costs.

There are also Bathroom Pods on sale (samples developed for fairs or from projects changed after the beginning of the production, and so on).

As far as fiberglass bathroom pods are concerned, StercheleGroup® has dropped off this technology because of the several disadvantages for the producer with no advantages for the end user and the subsequent drop of the request from the market.